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  •  Who are we:  Gemini Printers Supplies are established mail order suppliers and have been supplying small print and craft shops with their varying needs since 1965 (the year of the Gemini series of manned flight in space).
  • What do we do:  We carry an extensive range of boards, card blanks, papers, envelopes, labels etc, most of which can be printed on using printing devices such as letterpress, hot foil, lithographic, laser and Desk/Inkjet.  We also stock stationery boxes, clear bags, printing inks, hot-foil and laser toner transfer foils & adhesives.

    There is an extensive range of wedding card blanks that are in sets with coordinated designs covering invitation, order of service, evening invitations, thank you cards and place cards which are accompanied by additional wedding stationery items like cake boxes, favour boxes, serviettes, scrolls, scroll rings and envelope seals etc.

    Most card and paper products can be purchased in varying quantities down to a single sheet.  Comprehensive stocks are held alleviating the expense of having to carry stock yourselves.
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