Gilt Edged Cards
Say it with gold borders or silver, bevel-edged or deckle - Gemini Printers Supplies has a card for every occasion.  Together with matching envelopes and a choice of tassels, the range will help create precisely the right impression at precisely the right price.

 See legend below.

  1. Menu Cards
  2. Embossing Machine (Special Order Only)
  3. Round and Square Cornered Up and Oblong Fly
  4. Tassels (with adjustable slide)
  5. Round Cornered Silver Bevel Edged Cards
  6. Square Cornered Deckle Edge, Plate Sunk Cards & Matching Envelopes
  7. White Round Cornered Gilt Edged Cards
  8. Place Name Cards
  9. Sample Card with Tassel Attached
  10. Square Cornered Gilt Edged Cards 
  11. Cream Round Cornered Gilt Bevel Edged Cards with Matching Envelopes
  12. Card Envelopes - various sizes

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