Yes Papers   

Renamed - Colour Copy Still the same Quality
A selection of cut-size papers everyone can say "Yes" to.   From the wide range you will quickly find your own favourite paper.

Many reasons to say "Yes":

  • outstanding in whiteness
  • substance range from 75 to 270 g/m²
  • available in A4 and A3
  • excellent printability and runnability
  • both sides printable
  • all grades are granted the EU Eco-label


This is a range of papers, cards and business cards that have been specifically manufactured for use on B&W and colour inkjet, laser, copiers & faxes. 

We have numorous types of paper and board which can be supplied in A4 or any size of your choice.

We supply:


Conqueror:  Laid,Wove,Ultra smooth cx22,Contour and Irridescent

Printspeed-Printspeed Ivory Board

Era Silk


Tapestry: Becarre,Silweave,Broderie and Brocade

Malmarque and Peragrina majestic

Assorted envelopes

The list goes on- if you dont see what you want email me or call, We may be able to source it for you.

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