Postal Charges  £5.60 with my hermes up to 5 day service and up to 2 kg

                                     £7.00 24hour service up to 5KG

                                      £9.00 24hour Service up to 20Kg

These Prices Apply to Mainland united Kingdom and non Zonal Areas

Cutting:  From time to time we are asked if we can cut board and paper to special sizes (eg paper to A5). Some customers seem to be unaware that we can do this. However, if you want the material cutting to a different size we will be happy to do this - just so long as any wastage is paid for. If special cutting of stock is required then a charge is made of £0.60p per cut on a ream (500 sheets) of paper or 100 boards. The cutting service does not cover customers’ own materials or printed matter. Customers who are using A4 board as covers sometimes ask if we can cut oversize - the answer is that we can cut to one quarter of an inch oversize on A4 at no extra charge, but please make sure your instructions are clearly stated on your order. Oversize cutting does not apply to all boards so do enquire beforehand.  

Printing: full colour and single colour available, please enquire. Click Here

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